Always be 1st to the Party!

By Jarrod Adams

google article pic 300x169 - Always be 1st to the Party!

Every business collects and uses 1st party data differently.  As an agency, we strategize on how to use this valuable information effectively and efficiently within our marketing plans.  With the removal of 3rd party cookies from Chrome, incorporating this data into our digital strategy is more important than ever before.

What is it?

1st party data is any piece of information a business has collected from their clients, customers, or members.  This information has been willingly submitted through various ways including website/app interactions, contact forms, online purchases, loyalty programs, etc.  This data is considered to be the highly valuable because it’s provided directly by the consumer.

Why use it?

The main goal of using 1st party data is to personalize the consumer’s experience with the brand.  This can be achieved differently based on the type of business.  For e-commerce, this might be delivering highly relevant ads or messages based on past purchases or abandoned carts.  Or sending reminder emails about upcoming sales, discounts, and events to loyalty program members.

How to use it?

Many of the 1st party data sets we implement include an email address.  While valuable for email marketing campaigns, emails are also associated with multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. A data set can be uploaded to Google Ads as an audience which can be targeted through search, display, Gmail & YouTube campaigns.  It can also be used within Facebook and targeted in a similar way.  Other data points can also be utilized such as first name, last name, and phone number.  The most efficient and privacy conscious way to connect this data to each platform is through a CRM.  You can also accomplish the same goal through a manual approach.

Improving the customer experience!

Over the years, the term “creepy” has been used to describe some of the advertising tactics available in the digital space.  However, if 1st party data is used appropriately, consumers shouldn’t feel like they are being spied on.  It should feel as if a friend is sharing information about something they have deemed valuable with them.  And who doesn’t like friends like that, even if they might always be 1st to the party!