Are you optimizing your Google Search evergreen campaigns?

By Connor O’Shea

As 2022 comes to an end, planning for 2023 is in full effect. As planning progresses, evergreen Google Search campaigns continue to run in the background. Evergreen campaigns are long-term marketing initiatives that don’t have expiration dates. Let’s dive into strategies to further optimize these campaigns and prevent them from getting stale.

  • Focus on the algorithm. There are many different optimizations you can make to evergreen campaigns that will shake things up – including the algorithm. Adding more attribution/conversion actions, changes to the bid strategy, adding new keywords, updating ad copy, and bid adjustments are all examples of ways to limit stale evergreen campaigns.


  • Review your targeting. A successful marketing campaign and strategy starts with a clear definition of your target audience, then tailoring your ad delivery/messaging to those people. The digital marketing space is ever-changing and a shift in targeting can make a drastic impact.


  • Evaluate the channels. If evergreen campaigns started as search campaigns and were designed to drive leads, evaluating if the campaigns are actually driving conversions/leads is crucial. If they’re not, then look to other lead-generation channels/tactics such as Microsoft Ads.


  • Update & improve the ad copy, creative, etc. We’re constantly looking at search term reports to see what users were searching for and where they are in their journey. We also look at ad copy and update underperforming headlines to see how performance is impacted. We update creative images on a quarterly basis to prevent ad fatigue. Organically speaking, Google Search provides flexibility in messaging at the top of the Google SERP.


  • A/B test. There are many tests you can run with your campaigns to identify what improves performance. You can A/B test bid adjustments for devices, bidding strategies, keyword matches, different landing pages, and more! For example, we recently A/B tested pinning different headlines in specific headline/description spots to see how performance was impacted.


  • Keep optimizing! Digital campaigns are not “set it and forget it” campaigns. By using Google’s machine learning and artificial intelligence, you gain invaluable insights that you can use to your advantage.


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