Blog Post: The Pros & Cons of Meta Automatic Adjustments

By Katelyn Lugo 

In our last blog post, we delved into the Google Ads Auto Apply Functions, weighing the pros and cons of leveraging this feature. As digital marketers, we know that where Google leads, Meta (formerly Facebook) often follows. Recently, many advertisers have noticed Meta suggesting Automatic Adjustments within their Ads Accounts, accompanied by an Opportunity Score. But what exactly are these features, and should your business consider utilizing them? 


What are Automatic Adjustments? 

Automatic Adjustments are automatically applied recommendations provided by Meta within the Account Overview section of your Ads Manager. These recommendations aim to optimize active campaigns by automatically implementing changes based on selected campaign areas. Some of these areas are still in beta and will be applied automatically, if chosen, once they are available:  


Meta Ads Manager 300x190 - Blog Post: The Pros & Cons of Meta Automatic Adjustments

Image source: Meta Ads Manager – Account Overview section 


What is an Opportunity Score? 

The Opportunity Score, also found in the Account Overview section of Ads Manager, is a metric that rates from 0 to 100, evaluating how many Meta-suggested recommendations have been implemented by the advertiser, automatically or manually. Each recommendation contributes differently to the score, reflecting its potential impact on campaign performance. 

When reviewing recommendations, advertisers can see how many points each suggestion would add to their Opportunity Score if applied. Advertisers have the option to follow the steps provided (“Show me how” button) to implement the recommendations or dismiss them by clicking the ‘X’, which moves the suggestion to the “Dismissed” tab for future reference. 

Here’s an example of how applied recommendations can earn more points. The screenshot below is custom to each Ads Account:  


Screenshot 2024 06 26 094810 213x300 - Blog Post: The Pros & Cons of Meta Automatic Adjustments

Image source: Meta Ads Manager – Account Overview section 


Impact of the Opportunity Score 

As of now, the Opportunity Score does not directly influence campaign performance or account metrics. It serves primarily as a gauge of how extensively Meta’s recommendations have been integrated into your campaigns. However, its role and impact may evolve as Meta continues to refine its algorithms as this metric is still in development. 


Pros of Enabling Automatic Adjustments 

Enabling Automatic Adjustments can improve campaign management by leveraging Meta’s algorithm to apply performance-enhancing changes automatically. This saves your team time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually analyzing and implementing recommendations. Meta’s recommendations are also based on the industry’s best practices, ensuring campaigns remain aligned with current trends and optimizations, including creative best practices.  


Cons of Enabling Automatic Adjustments 

Despite the efficiency gains by not having to manually review performance, there are inherent risks. Meta’s algorithm lacks contextual understanding of your business goals, client relationships, and broader marketing strategies. As a result, some recommendations may not align with specific campaign objectives or could inadvertently impact campaign performance negatively. Human oversight is crucial to mitigate these risks and ensure changes are aligned with broader strategic objectives. 


Should your Business Enable Automatic Adjustments? 

The decision to enable Automatic Adjustments should be approached cautiously. It may be beneficial for testing purposes to gauge its impact on your Meta campaigns because you never know! Advertisers could also continue to exercise their expertise in evaluating and applying recommendations based on client goals and campaign specifics. Regularly reviewing performance recommendations in the Ads Manager remains essential regardless of whether Automatic Adjustments are enabled or not.