Five Minutes with Amanda Galley, Managing Partner

Managing Partner Amanda Galley is passionate about the people in her life. Whether it’s her family, her team at Wahl Media, her clients, or the kids she coaches, she’s always available to help or to offer advice. It’s this dedication and passion for people that make her a strong leader. In her 20-year career, with 13 of those years at Wahl Media, Amanda has guided and inspired account teams to produce their best work every day, and helped numerous clients build successful brands both locally and nationally.


Q: Why did you get into marketing?

A: As a kid I was always thinking up big ideas, envisioning the outcome, and then hustling everyone around me to make them happen.   My Dad lovingly called me “Demanda” because I could convince most any family member, friend, teacher, or neighbor to be part of whatever vision I was forming.  I remember the feeling being organic, it was a driving force that made me want bring my idea to life and communicate it to the world.  Throughout high school and college I sought out activities that I felt passionate about; sports, music, and media.  As I worked through college at SUNY Fredonia, I took every opportunity I could find to experience different areas of communications and marketing.  Production, writing, PR, promotions, news, radio, and even a late night TV show all taught me that my real passion was supporting an organization; driving engagement, and making connections to increase visibility, communicate our purpose, and bring us closer to the community.   As I made my way through different positions in media and into the agency world, the one thing drives me is that desire to connect; find equal ground to bring people together and create the synergies that drive relationships and organizations forward.


Q: What makes you stay in marketing?

A: I truly love the people who surround me and the privilege of learning about and helping people and businesses succeed.   I feel lucky to know and genuinely appreciate my amazing, intelligent, funny, engaging, crazy people in the industry and client realms.  They’re truly “my people”.  Every single day is different and even the most challenging days feel good like running hills or finishing a hard workout.  When you’re done, the reward is the rush of positive emotions that come with making someone’s day easier, creating a killer deal that brings client something they didn’t think was possible, or watching my team members grow and succeed.  The joy is always there for me in this space because I have a deep understanding of and love for why I’m here and what I want to achieve for my team, my clients, and myself.


Q: Wahl Media’s key tenets are passion, innovation, and integrity. How are these reflected in your approach to your daily responsibilities?

A: My goal has always been to be the “UN-media buyer”.  When I arrived at Wahl Media in 2007 after over a decade in media sales, I’d been around the block enough to know what I wanted to bring to my position on the buying side.  The key tenets at Wahl Media (passion, innovation, and integrity) describe the driving force behind our desire to bring our clients and vendors a truly unique media buying experience.  My mantra in delivering this experience is simple; what would I want from my media buyer if it were my business?   A wise person once taught me; you be the CEO – how would you feel and what would you think about yourself and your actions?  This is what drives me to bring my team and our clients the best in every interaction and deliverable. My expectations are set to my own high standards and my decisions are set by my moral compass guided by my values.  Much of the success in our marketing business, outside of sales and data, is linked to our ability to manage details and deliver what we promise.  This takes dedication and diligence in addition to passion, innovation, and integrity.  I believe our Wahl Team delivers this in spades and will continue to work to deliver the best of the best for our clients.

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