Five Minutes with Jarrod Adams, Digital Media Manager

By Laura DiCaprio

Digital Media Manager Jarrod Adams has A LOT going on. Not only is he involved with writing and managing the digital strategy for the majority of our clients, but he’s also an avid beer brewer, wood worker, world traveler, and new father. Even with everything on his plate he approaches each meeting, task, and project with a positive, can-do attitude, and he gives 100% to every campaign he executes. We are very fortunate to have him on our team!

  • Why did you go into digital marketing?
    • Starting my career in print advertising, I was always presented with objections about effectiveness and ROI. Besides coupons, I really didn’t have a way to show attribution. Once I had the chance to shift into digital marketing, I jumped in with both feet. It was so refreshing to be able to show our clients results in real time.
  • You’ve worked on both the media and agency side of the business. How has your experience on the media side affected how you approach your current position?
    • I think my experience on the media side has allowed me to develop and sharpen my negotiating & relationship skills. Since I transitioned at a time when digital was a huge focus for traditional media vendors, I know how to broker the best deal possible for our clients. Plus, I understand how to manage our vendor relationships better, since I know what it feels like to be treated poorly by agency contacts. It’s amazing how far you can get by being nice and willing to listen.
  • How have you grown since working at Wahl Media?
    • I have grown tremendously over the past 6 years with Wahl Media. It’s such a privilege to work for a company that allows you to take the reigns on your own career. I’ve had the ability to learn almost every avenue of the agency from print to OOH, radio, accounting and digital. I love to learn new things, and our leadership team has provided me with every opportunity to do so.
  • Your coworkers describe you as focused, driven, and thoughtful. Elaborate on why these words describe you.
    • I’m a very goal-oriented person in both my work life and home life. I try to not only set long-term goals but daily goals as well.  I feel this helps keep me on track and prevents me from getting distracted, which is so easy in the digital-first world we live in.  However, I know not every goal can be accomplished by myself. Most take a team, and there’s no other team I would rather have on my side than the Wahl Media crew.