Five Minutes with Jessica Lin, Accounting Specialist

By Laura DiCaprio

In 2018 as our client list grew and the number of campaigns we were executing increased, it became clear that we needed to add another team member to help reconcile the hundreds of invoices that needed to be processed each month. The search process was extensive but the moment we met Jessica Lin, we knew our accounting issues had met their match. “From day one, Jessica joined our team ready to learn everything. Her enthusiasm and work ethic are infectious!” coworker Katelyn Lugo comments. “Aside from work, she maintains a positive attitude no matter what’s going on around her. Jessica also loves hearing my gossip and offering awesome advice! She adds a unique energy to our office that we all admire and appreciate.”

jess3 1 - Five Minutes with Jessica Lin, Accounting Specialist

Why did you decide to go into accounting?

I was following my mother’s footsteps – I always wanted to be like my mother. I mean, who didn’t?! My mom worked in accounting and I remember spending hours in her office helping file paperwork, stamping papers, playing with all the office supplies, and thinking that was the best job ever!


You come from a television station background – tell us about your first job.

I had an opportunity to fill in for an accounting position at a TV station. This was only supposed to be a temporary one-month fill-in which ended up starting my work career. The TV station hired me full time and I hit the ground running. I was great at my job and I really enjoyed what I did and the people I worked with.


What do you like best about your current position?

Most people think accounting is sitting in a corner crunching numbers and not talking to anyone. I, for one, have always found a comfort in accounting, like solving a puzzle. While you may think we do the same thing over and over, month after month, there are many puzzles we solve each month. In the year and a half I’ve been here, I’ve really enjoyed working on this side of the marketing/advertising business. I love working for a small business that I can grow with and hopefully make my mark.


Your coworkers describe you as positive, independent, and patient. Elaborate on why these words describe you.

I’ve always been told I have a positive attitude. Always a smile on my face and happy to help out where I can. In a smaller company, you’ve got to fill more than just one position and you’ll rarely hear me say no. When I started at Wahl Media, Jean Williamson (Accounting Specialist) lived in Syracuse. Jean taught me everything I needed to know through screen sharing and phone calls. With an office full of media buyers and account managers, I work very independently. When I started this position at Wahl Media, I had an 11-month old little boy who I wanted to spend all my time with. Working here has allowed me to work at home part time to fulfill that dream of spending more time with my son. Working from home with a two year old can be fun and chaotic which has taught me lots of patience over the last year.