Five Minutes with Reggie Johnson, Regional Director of Business Development

We are very excited to introduce a new Wahl Media team member! Reggie Johnson, Jr. was recently hired as our Regional Director of Business Development and will act as the main point of contact in our Fort Lauderdale, Florida location. Reggie has over 15 years of experience in both consumer products and pharmaceutical categories and has worked and lived all over the country. From Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida, Reggie has honed his communications, media, and sales skills, making him an excellent addition to the team.


reggie photo 1 - Five Minutes with Reggie Johnson, Regional Director of Business Development

You majored in Television and Radio Broadcasting – why the change to media?

Media is an exciting, growing, and evolving arena! I’ve always been fascinated with the powerful role media plays in disseminating messages and information. This is an incredibly fun opportunity for me to play an important role in this process.


What do you hope to learn while working at Wahl Media?

I’m hoping to learn on an intimate level how media can impact lives and the different ways the creative messages can be delivered. I’m also looking forward to learning the unique ways message delivery and retrieval can be tracked and analyzed.


You have experience in both consumer products and pharma sales – how are the categories the same? And how are they different?

Consumer products and pharmaceuticals are similar in that both require knowledge of the customer’s, client’s, or patient’s needs. In both cases, healthy partnerships are required to ensure products and services are delivered timely and effectively so the consumer’s and patient’s needs are met. As for differences, the consumer products that I sold were products that were important to the consumer, but in pharmaceuticals, the products and services were essential from a life and health standpoint.


You traveled a lot in your previous positions – what did you like about having a “mobile office” and working all over the country?

Having a mobile office is the best! I enjoy the flexibility and freedom to go where the people are, where physical interactions and transactions are taking place. It’s priceless. I love it! It makes for exciting workdays.


What are three words that best describe you?

Relentless, passionate, and focused. I am relentless when it comes to pursuing my goals and the goals of my clients; my clients’ goals are my goals.  I am passionate and energetic in everything that I do. I honestly believe every day and every moment is a gift. I would be doing myself, my family (personal & professional), and my clients a disservice if I didn’t attack each moment as an opportunity to be impactful in a positive way. Finally, I am focused on being great and winning for my family, my Wahl family, and my clients.