By Laura DiCaprio

When our client, The Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, decided to expand the firm's services to include Personal Injury Law (PI), we knew that new creative would be necessary to effectively communicate the new offering to the public. We are fortunate to work with many creative agency partners around the county, and Captivate Media developed a concept that conveyed Ken and his firm as personable, yet unwavering in their commitment to their clients. 

Along with expanding services to include PI, The Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller also wanted to bring focus to Ken's leadership team, which includes his son Tim Hiller. Captivate Media created new "Generations" commercials and billboards, which convey this transition to the market. 

Samples of the new creative are below. We are very proud of this team collaboration!


:30 Personal Injury


:30 Generations 


Personal Injury Billboard