NEW! Meta Advertiser Success Center

By Katelyn Lugo

blog post 1 300x178 - NEW! Meta Advertiser Success Center

Here at Wahl Media, our social media experts keep up to date on all things social media to ensure our clients are on-trend. Meta (formerly known as Facebook) just launched their “Advertiser Success Center”, and we love it.

Some brands do not have in-house advertising strategists, so they employ companies such as ours to figure that out for them. Some brands don’t hire anyone! Which makes free resources, such as the Meta Advertiser Success Center, convenient and necessary. The guide starts with the basics:

blog post 2 300x65 - NEW! Meta Advertiser Success Center

When you click on each tile, a new tab opens to reveal what the subject is, how it works, provides examples, and includes best practices to follow. After the basics section pictured above, there is a strategy section that allows you to dive deep into ad education:

blog post 3 300x41 - NEW! Meta Advertiser Success Center

This free resource can help any brand enhance their current campaigns, come up with ideas for new campaigns, and can be used to train social media team members. For content creators, the “Create capturing videos” tile reveals best practices for video ads, making the Advertiser Success Center a great resource for content creation as well! Keep in mind that best practices for Facebook & Instagram change constantly, so be sure to review this resource several times throughout the year so that your team is up to date.

Along with this free resource, Meta also offers Meta Blueprint, a semi-free learning tool for social media professionals. We say “semi-free” because along with all the free how-to videos and lessons, Meta Blueprint also offers paid certifications. These certifications come in different levels from associate to developer, and they help portray that you are an expert on the platform. Two of our team members here at Wahl have professional level certifications (me included!), and this lets our clients know that we are credible. We recommend the social media experts on your team do the same!

Though these free resources are meant to help brands figure out social media platforms easily, they are just guides. Best practices may work for some brand while not working for others, so be sure to TEST! Test strategy. Test platforms. Test creative. Test everything to see what’s truly best for your brand. And if you need help with that, please reach out to us. Our social media experts want to help!