Office Updates

By Laura DiCaprio

When I left the office for the day on Friday, March 13, stopping to say goodbye to my coworkers on the way out, I didn’t know that would be my last day working in-person with my team for the foreseeable future. We all left the office that day fully intending to be back on Monday, but as the Lockdown went into effect that weekend it became clear that we needed to set up our own remote offices in our respective homes. We’ve all been working remotely for the past 13-weeks, and although we miss the daily social interactions with one another, we’re committed to producing the same level of quality as when we were all together. And it’s working. Our team is still connecting, collaborating, and remaining committed to each other and our clients.


As New York State opens back up in phases, the leadership team at Wahl Media is not rushing its employees back into the office. Last week, at a socially distant staff meeting at a local park, our team discussed ideas for the office reopening. Some of us were more comfortable, and felt more productive, working from home. Others missed the traditional office environment. And a few preferred a balance of these two options. As a team it was decided that the future of the Wahl Media office would look different from the pre-COVID pandemic. Along with new cleaning and sanitizing procedures, employees will be able to define their own working environments based on what they are most comfortable with.


The change in our office structure will not negatively impact our clients or the work we produce. If anything, being able to choose our own working environments will have positive implications that will be felt in both our professional and personal lives. We’re grateful to be part of a socially responsible company where each team member has the ability to create what they define as the perfect work/home life balance.