Our Team’s Favorite Online Learning Resources – Part 1

By Laura DiCaprio


I’m fortunate to work with a team that values personal growth and educational opportunities. Internal emails are often circulated bringing attention to interesting webinars, articles from industry experts, and conference opportunities.


LinkedIn recently announced that engagement with their LinkedIn Learning courses has significantly increased during the past few weeks due to the COVID quarantine. Hari Srinivasan, LinkedIn Vice-President of Product Management, shared that “people watched 1.7 million hours of content on LinkedIn Learning during the first week of April, compared to 560,000 hours during the first week of January.”


Here are a few of our team’s go-to educational resources.


blog 4 29 20 adage 1 300x153 - Our Team's Favorite Online Learning Resources - Part 1 

AmandaAd Age 20 Minute Take:   A 20 minute live stream hosted by Ad Age editors and reporters which features industry players from all areas of our media business.  Topics discuss how brands are adapting to challenging times and feature both agency and client guests sharing from their home.  I found the content to be both interesting and humanizing, it provided me with perspective on the state of our industry and reactions from large markets which I was able to process and adapt to help strategize and move forward our regional and local clients.  A huge plus is that they cover a lot during the short 20 minute time limit which easily fits into a busy day.  Sign up to receive notifications via email and RSVP from there.

Adweek presents “The Way Forward”:  This is a weekly live stream (Wednesdays at 3pm) which focuses on what the key players in the market are doing to adapt to uncertain times ahead.  A few areas of focus have been on media and technology and understanding the changes to the online ecosystem.  I enjoyed the first installment of this topic but found it to be a bit long at over an hour.  I’ll keep watching for appealing topics though, because like everyone, I am committed to finding “the way forward” from here and know that we need to communicate with each other to make that happen!  Sign up at Adweek to receive notifications via email and RSVP from there.


blog 4 29 20 ad week 1 300x114 - Our Team's Favorite Online Learning Resources - Part 1 

Katelyn: I’m subscribed to the free Adweek First Things First daily email newsletter. This newsletter has been covering how the pandemic is affecting the industry, as well as how it will in the future. I’m also subscribed to the free eMarketer daily email newsletter. This newsletter always includes their latest podcast episodes, many of which have been about the pandemic. The newsletter also contains free webinars that have certain themes. I read through the emails and see which ones are of interest to me. Super simple and who doesn’t love free?


blog 4 29 20 search 1 300x300 - Our Team's Favorite Online Learning Resources - Part 1 

Jarrod: To stay up to date with industry trends, I utilize a few online resources.  A couple of my “go to” resources are usually Moz.comSearch Engine LandeMarketer and MashableOver the years, these sites have provided some of the most updated content on trends, consumer behaviors, algorithm updates, and strategies.  The content is always relevant with current times and market shifts and is supported by quantitative data.


blog 4 29 20 babbel 1 300x146 - Our Team's Favorite Online Learning Resources - Part 1 

Reggie: My go to educational resource is the Babbel Language Learning App. It’s fun, easy to access, many languages to choose from and the app spoon feeds you lessons making it extremely easy to use. We are in the communication business and I think it’s important to be able to converse and understand our clients and their customers no matter what language they may speak. Plus, it’s cool.  Learning new languages on Babbel encourages you to experience new worlds, new cultures and practice what you’ve learned in real life.


Take some time this week to check out their recommendations. Next week we will share even more resources from the rest of the Wahl Media team. Stay tuned!