Our Team’s Favorite Online Learning Resources – Part 2

By Laura DiCaprio

This morning eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence announced that they are launching a new Insider Intelligence product: the eMarketer Briefing. This enhanced newsletter “will take you beyond the news with data, analysis, and context on digital transformation in media, marketing, and advertising.”

This new research partnership is the perfect segue into Part 2 of our team’s educational resources recommendations. Refer back to Part 1 if you didn’t catch it last week.

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JarrodThink with Google provides informative, relative insights on the Google Platform with articles, videos, and insights from industry professionals. Word Stream  is a great resource for digital advertising, especially their Blog that distributes up-to-date content regularly. Ad Week provides tons of content covering all things advertising including digital and traditional with news, events, and webinars…this is the most comprehensive resource I’ve used, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. And a shout out to local vendors. They are the outlets with boots on the ground generating very localized and relative content and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Julie: One of the research platforms I like to use is Comscore.  Their weekly email newsletter provides insight into many different facets of marketing.  This includes traditional TV, Digital, OTT, social, etc.  Comscore provides a look at not just viewership, but what programs are getting the most “chatter” on social media, which movies were downloaded the most, and how different categories are using media.  This has been especially helpful through the pandemic as a way to see the impact on media habits compared to the same time last year.  To be honest, I follow several research platforms on Twitter, and subscribe to many e-newsletters to get the most up to date information on a daily basis.  The world of media is always changing and that’s the best way to keep on top of it!


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Dave: I rely a lot on the Nielsen Weekly Insight newsletters I receive that give me updates on media consumption, trends and new information.  This has been even more useful recently because they are sharing information on video and audio during the COVID-19 pandemic and comparing year over year viewing and listening trends.  It’s actually useful year round and provides us with a lot of interesting research info.


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As for me, I follow a number of industry-specific outlets such as The Financial BrandPharma Intelligence, and Inside Higher Ed. These sites offer free e-newsletters and webinars to help further marketing insights into specific categories.


If you have a favorite educational tool that’s not listed please share it with us!