Thinking of a Snapchat or Pinterest Campaign? Which Should You Choose?

By Katelyn Lugo

According to eMarketer, Pinterest officially has more users than Snapchat in the U.S., and the gap between the two will continue to grow larger with Pinterest in the lead. When first reading this news, I couldn’t help but think, “These two apps have completely different audiences! Why are they even mentioned in the same article?” Technically, they do. However, Pinterest has gained popularity among a wide range of age groups that Snapchat has yet to reach.

blog 12220 1 - Thinking of a Snapchat or Pinterest Campaign? Which Should You Choose?

Notably, the majority of Snapchat users are aged 12 to 34 while the majority of Pinterest users are aged 18 to 54. So what does this mean for us as marketers?


Are you or any of your clients using Snapchat or Pinterest? If yes, be sure you’re targeting the proper audience. If not, both are valuable social mediums to explore! Social media is used as a brand awareness tool, meaning ads are meant to serve as many impressions as possible to as many different users as possible. Ad engagements such as pins and swipe ups are pluses for campaign performance but not a main key performance indicator (KPI). Cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) vary on every social platform depending on targeting and creative, but overall, social media has cheap CPMs due to their purpose of serving as many impressions as possible. This makes both Snapchat and Pinterest affordable and cost-effective depending on your campaigns.


Though many factors go into considering which mediums to include in your media mix (objective, creative message, targeted locations, etc.), knowing the audience of each platform is a great place to start. Want to target just millennials or Gen Z? Go with Snapchat. Want to target just about anyone else? Go with Pinterest. Both platforms are worth considering because they have large user bases for marketers to tap into, and Pinterest’s user base is estimated to continue to grow. Just make sure you utilize highly engaging content and target the right audience! Social media can be a highly effective marketing medium when used properly.