Six (Free!) Marketing Resources to Sharpen Your Media Knowledge

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Last week, I attended the annual Upstate Social Sessions conference held in Rochester, NY. The conference brings together expert panelists, presenters, and podcasts from the social media marketing world intending to keep us up to date on all things social. The marketing industry changes frequently, but digital marketing, especially social media, experiences change and evolution daily. Because of this, it is imperative for everyone in the marketing field to educate ourselves every day. Attending this conference allowed the Wahl team to create new, fresh, and trendy ideas for our clients.

Conferences are just one way to keep us educated in this ever-changing marketing world. There are many free sources available to help you stay relevant without leaving your office or home! Here are some of our favorites we engage with daily:

  • Adweek First Things First: This is a free daily newsletter sent to your email inbox. The newsletter details the latest marketing and media news. The Wahl team is subscribed as a business to this site, which allows us full access to their content as well as a printed magazine.
  • eMarketer Daily: This is a free daily newsletter sent to your email inbox. It details the latest stories related to marketing and media. This newsletter also includes an “FYI” section that offers webinars (usually free!), marketing guides, and marketing research info.
  • AdAge Agency NewsAdAge Resources: Agency News provides ungated content about businesses in the marketing industry. Resources provide free educational white papers and webcasts about current marketing trends and best practices.
  • Think with Google: This is a free newsletter sent to your email that keeps you up to date on everything Google Ads. The email provides short clickable article descriptions that lead to full articles. The full articles are short and take just a few minutes to read.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Blog: This is a free email that contains links to LinkedIn’s latest blog posts. These blog posts explain how to be an effective marketer on LinkedIn. It’ll also keep you updated on LinkedIn’s newest features.
  • Facebook IQ Newsletter: This free newsletter, sent to your email, covers a wide range of topics related to successful marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Content formats include articles, video series, and research reports.

Along with getting free daily newsletters in your email inbox, you can follow all these resources on social media! Sometimes, you can see the content on social media before the email gets to you, allowing your knowledge to be super relevant and timely.

These are just six of many free and easy-to-access resources available to keep yourself up to date on current marketing trends. Here at Wahl Media, we value educating ourselves daily to provide our clients with the most current and best marketing strategies on all mediums.