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Streaming Audio Growth Remains Steady as Platforms and Content Expand

By Dave Perkins

If the Covid-19 Pandemic taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable and that we must adapt to change in every aspect of our lives.  The way we carry about our days, how we work, where we work from, how we shop – everything has dramatically changed.  This even holds true for the way we listen to the audio.

Don’t get me wrong—contrary to popular belief, people are still listening to broadcast radio.  However, the way they do it has changed.  While the number of people who listen has actually remained constant, they are not simply flipping on the car radio the same way they used to.  Streaming has become increasingly popular.  As a matter of fact, 74% of adults aged 25-54 are now streaming music, news, and podcasts on a regular basis every month.  And apps such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify have seen the biggest increases.

The use of smart speakers is at an all-time high.  In fact, over a quarter (27%) of U.S. homes are using these devices to consume audio.  That has increased 44% over the previous year. It’s always nice to grab a speaker and listen in the backyard or on the patio or even bring it with you to the golf course!

On top of traditional radio listening, podcasts have become even more relevant.  55% of all Americans have listened to a podcast and 37% now listen to these shows on a regular basis.  The time spent listening to streaming podcasts has boosted to just under seven hours per week—an increase of 133%.

These trends have certainly changed how we media buyers look at radio and how we make educated decisions on where to place our clients’ advertising dollars.  While traditional radio still has its place at the table, streaming audio and podcasts are now another relevant avenue to reach consumers while they are in their decision journey.