Tide’s Sequential Video Placements Promote NFL as “Not for Laundry”

Tide’s “Must be a Tide Ad” campaign was arguably one of the most recalled ad campaigns of the 2018 Super Bowl. The laundry detergent conglomerate is back this year with a new campaign based on a simple consumer insight – people do their laundry on Sundays.

The campaign airs during Sunday Night Football and stars former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning declares Tuesdays as national laundry night to encourage people to put down their folding and pay attention to the game. His request is countered by stars such as Saturday Night Live’s Keenan Thompson and The Voice’s Gwen Stefani, who insist that Sunday is America’s laundry night.

The strategic sequential release of these ads into Sunday Night Football will tell a story throughout football season and the new creative will keep messaging fresh and ad fatigue low. But there are other benefits to sequential advertising beyond entertaining consumers with new creative:

• Multi-Platform Opportunities: Sequential ad placement can be achieved on a variety of platforms and mediums – from social video ads to digital audio ads. Not all brands have Sunday NFL budgets, but there are a wide variety of media platforms available to fit a range of media spends.

• Increased Ad Engagement: When consumers catch on that ads are telling a story through short video, they will know to look out for the next installment of your story. This increased engagement during commercial viewing will help ensure people are seeing your ads.

• Ad Recall: Multiple short ads that tell a longer story end up being more impactful and more memorable than a few, unrelated :15 and :30 second ads.

Event and retail marketing are examples of how Wahl Media uses sequential video placements to tease future events. Upcoming seminars, expos, sales, and concerts are promoted through a series of messages over a set time period. This strategy raises awareness within the market, grasps the attention of interested participants, and makes them anticipate future messages.
Given that Tide started this campaign in early September, I hope it continues throughout football season and ends with an epic Super Bowl 2020 finale. I’ll be watching

Check out the Tide ad creative here