Wahl Media Clients in the News – UR Medicine

By Katelyn Lugo

This week, as part of an ongoing effort to recognize the work our clients are doing to deliver healthcare solutions to their communities in the wake of the COVID pandemic, we are highlighting UR Medicine. The health system has been invaluable in providing information, care, and now vaccine hubs to Rochester and the surrounding region.


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In January 2021, UR Medicine launched their first COVID-19 vaccine center at Manhattan Square Family Medicine. This was just the beginning of a months-long project to provide vaccines across the area.  UR Medicine will provide updates to the public as more vaccination centers open across the Finger Lakes region and Southern Tier.  The organization matches patients with vaccination centers that are easy to access and that allow space for proper social distancing. Following strict guidelines from New York State, UR Medicine has reached out to eligible patients to help explain the vaccination process- “…UR Medicine has identified patients 65 and older and emailed more than 65,000 of them to explain how the process will work: Using a randomized process, the health system matches patients to vaccine as quickly as supplies become available, then contacts them to schedule a vaccination.”

To assist with their initiative to provide convenient vaccinations to as many patients as possible, UR Medicine has set up mobile vaccine units. Staff members deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to over 220 community-based organizations in 9 different counties. These mobile units help reach patients who may have trouble making it to a vaccination center.


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UR Medicine is keeping patients and the public up to date through their website and social media channels. Visit their Coronavirus Vaccination Updates page to stay informed on topics such as “When will I be eligible?” and “Where can I get a vaccine”?. Follow them on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube to stay in the know! UR Medicine provides COVID-19 vaccine updates, content about heroes that have surfaced because of the pandemic, as well as general lifestyle tips to stay healthy. As a patient, you can sign up for MyChart to receive direct communication about vaccinations and scheduling.


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We are fortunate to work with the UR Medicine team to help them roll out their COVID vaccine communications!