Blog Post: We Attended the Meta Agency Summit So You Don’t Have To

By Abbey Szumloz 

Earlier this month, Meta held an Agency Summit to highlight their expectations for the advertising industry in 2024 as the new year quickly approaches. In this blog post, we outline and summarize our key take aways from the summit, providing insights that every brand and marketer should keep in mind as annual planning is well underway. 

The Omnichannel Approach 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the desire for instant results and gratification has become the norm. Welcome to what Meta is calling “The Era of Multiplicity”.  

This era sees individuals effortlessly switching between browsing and buying mindsets as they traverse diverse platforms in the blink of an eye. As marketers adapt to this behavior on a global scale, Meta touts that the digital marketing trio of YouTube, Meta, and television as the most effective campaign combination; providing the highest return on investment (ROI) when strategically employed. Utilizing all three platforms ensures your brand stays in front of eyes and top-of-mind as people consume various media throughout their day. The key to success in this dynamic landscape lies in a thoughtful integration of online and offline strategies, recognizing the unique strengths of each.  

Navigating this multifaceted and ever-changing digital ecosystem requires an understanding of consumer behavior and a willingness to adapt. Brands that master the art of seamlessly blending experiences across diverse touchpoints stand to not only capture attention, but also translate it into tangible business success. As we embrace the challenges and opportunities of The Era of Multiplicity, the mantra for conversion becomes clear: strategic integration across platforms is the key to a thriving online presence in the digital age. 

The Importance of Reels 

Short-form video continues to surge to unprecedented heights, and at the forefront are Reels on Meta. With a staggering 190 billion reels played per day, it has swiftly become the fastest-growing creative format to date. 

What sets Reels apart is not just the sheer volume, but the level of engagement they command across Meta’s platforms. Reels are now the most engaging format, as they spark discussions, garner comments, and are shared amongst friends at a higher rate than the usual Feed posts. Meta has reported that Reels are shared more than 2 billion times every single day, and that number continues to grow.  

One of the key factors contributing to Reels’ dominance is their versatile placement across various spaces on the Meta platform. This strategic positioning makes it easier for content creators and businesses alike to reach a broader audience, maximizing the potential for visibility and engagement. 

As we navigate the evolving landscape of social media, Reels on Meta emerges as a powerhouse for creative expression, audience interaction, and brand visibility. The numbers speak volumes, and the trend is clear—Reels are not just a feature; they’re actively reshaping the way we consume and share content in the digital age. Whether you’re a content creator or a brand looking to captivate your audience, consider riding the Reels wave on Meta. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

Meta plans to invest in the growth of AI on their platform to help increase its capabilities. Their goal is not to replace human involvement, but to elevate it, making human expertise more valuable than ever. 

The introduction of the Advantage+ suite of products within the Meta Ads Manager marks a significant leap forward. This suite leverages AI to predict and target audiences most likely to interact with your ads, resulting in more efficient campaigns, especially in the realms of shopping and app promotions. 

Meta is also pushing the boundaries with the introduction of AI Sandbox—a testing ground for AI-powered creative editing. This innovation promises to revolutionize ad creation, generating a multitude of ads with enhanced efficiency and creativity. 

By utilizing these features of AI on Meta, advertisers can shift their focus from processing minute details to a higher-level view of campaign performance.  

Overall, at the core of Meta’s AI strategy is “Responsible AI”, a pioneering Open Loop Governance program. This inclusive approach invites input from partners, creators, government entities, researchers, and more, ensuring a collaborative effort to shape the ethical use of AI as we continue to integrate it into our digital ecosystem. 

Your Newest Employee: The Chatbot 

Did you know? Over 66% of people worldwide now engage with businesses through messaging platforms weekly, indicating a significant transformation in communication preferences. As consumers continue to be online more and more every day, messaging businesses becomes a natural extension of their usual online activities. 

As consumers shift their preference in how they interact with businesses, Meta has introduced Business Messaging, a chat bot that can provide personalized conversations with customers using AI. This feature seamlessly integrates with a business’ existing CRM to allow further communication with the user once they are done chatting on Meta’s platform. 

The future of consumer-brand interactions lies in the fusion of instantaneous online messaging, as brands can now utilize integral features that create a dynamic and responsive ecosystem that aligns seamlessly with the modern consumer’s expectations. 

At the Heart of it All: Storytelling 

In the realms of movies and books, the Hero’s Journey template has long been a guiding narrative structure used time and time again. When creating a Brand Story for your potential consumers, the structure should be no different.  

When brands weave stories, the spotlight should be on the customer—the true hero in the journey. The key to an engaging and effective story? Immediately communicate how the consumer will benefit from your brand. 

As the adage goes, “If you tell them what they need to know, they’ll understand you. If you tell a story, they’ll believe you.” Effective storytelling involves a structured approach. A compelling brand story should be concise, with the solution encapsulated in one sentence. The proof and data presented should seamlessly support this solution, creating a narrative that not only informs but resonates with the audience. By casting the customer as the hero and delivering a clear, solution-oriented message, brands can create impactful narratives that engage, inspire, and ultimately build lasting connections. 

These are just a few of our takeaways from the Meta Agency Summit, providing insights and ideas as brands and marketers head into 2024. Find the summit on demand here: