YouTube Enters the Connected TV Category with YouTube Select

blog 52720 bd svqup 400x400 2 300x300 - YouTube Enters the Connected TV Category with YouTube SelectYouTube continues to flex its muscles in the realm of digital TV viewing by introducing a new program, YouTube Select. This new “made for TV” program segments content into popular categories including Entertainment & Pop Culture, Beauty & Fashion, Food & Recipes, Music, Sports, Technology, and more. Viewers have access to these line-ups across multiple apps including YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, and YouTube TV. As part of YouTube Select, there is dedicated streaming (OTT & CTV) lineup that will focus on content such as YouTube Originals, live sports, feature-length movies, and timely news.

Considering over 100 million people in the US watch YouTube & YouTube TV on their connected TVs each month, it’s no surprise that YouTube would aim to capture even more market share as viewing behavior continues to evolve.


We see this new platform working for our clients in the following ways:


  • Content Variety: Although we already utilize YouTube TrueView to help our clients reach niche audiences via digital video, YouTube Select will give us “access to a more curated, higher-quality selection of creators and publishers.”
  • Highly Defined Audiences: As viewing behavior continues to evolve, YouTube Select will allow us to further develop, refine, and understand our target audiences.
  • Cost Efficiency: For clients with smaller media budgets, these highly-targeted, cost-efficient, accountable digital video campaigns promise to reach consumers with minimal waste.


We will continue to track YouTube Select’s offerings. There are definite ways we see this platform molding into current and future campaigns and we look forward to its launch next month.