Digital Media – Geographic-Driven Solutions

Digital Media – Geographic-Driven Solutions

Target your customers where they live and shop

Geo-fencing with Conversion Zones: Conversion Zones are the most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising. By tracing a virtual Conversion Zone around a physical location, we can measure the amount of physical traffic driven to any location that have previously been served an ad.

Competitor Conquest Tactics: Target customers who have recently visited a competitor’s location. They have already shown interest in similar services giving you an opportunity to switch their business away for future visits by serving them display/video messaging.

Event Pixels: Target customers who attended specified events with the most precise temporal geo-targeting solution available. Event Targeting is used to build an audience based on a geo-fence during a specified date and time window of an event and then advertise to those customers.

Addressable Geo-fence: A powerful, efficient, and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with specific campaign relative messaging.

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