Digital Media – Paid Social Media

Digital – Paid Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – finding the right platform for your message and audience

Granular Targeting: Along with targeting demographics, we are able to target users based on their social media behaviors, such as the content they engage with and groups they are a part of. This allows for accurate and relevant ad targeting.

Content Calendar: A live document shared with your team. It’s updated regularly and allows all participants to see, in a quick glance, what’s going on with paid social media. This eliminates questions and enhances team communication.

Detailed Reporting: In real-time, we’re able to see how each ad is performing. Based on this detailed reporting, we make changes to enhance performance.

Cohesive Social Media: We strive to create a cohesive brand presence across paid and organic social media. Organic media is taken into consideration when creating paid campaigns to create a cohesive social media presence.

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