Paid Media

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Sight, sound, motion, emotion.  These four elements move consumers to act, create perceptions, and evoke feelings which motivate engagement with your brand.  Video in today’s terms represents multiple platforms and delivery systems as well as generations of consumers that connect your business with expansive reach and buying power.

Video Mediums Include:

  • Broadcast & Cable TV
  • Streaming Video & Connected TV
  • YouTube
  • Programmatic Video

This powerful, multi-faceted medium requires a unique expertise to maximize reach, ensure cost efficiency, and provide seamless execution.  Our team brings you that expertise by designing video plans that will effectively reach today’s video consumer.

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Social media reaches over 70% of people of all ages and genders in almost every corner of the world.  The Wahl account team uses this powerful medium to develop and create audiences which are aligned with your desired customer profile.

We’ll target your ads to people based on demographics (age, gender, location) and also the type of content posted and engaged with (also called “interests”) on the platforms. If the content exists on the platform, we’ll create an audience of people with those same interests and place your message in their social feed or reels.

Sample Social Media Platforms Include:

  • Meta:  Facebook & Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Tinder &

Our objective in customizing your social media plan is to build a plan to drive activity and engagement with your brand. Whether that’s key button clicks on your website, contact form fills, or applications to an open job position, we’ll monitor and fine tune our strategies to drive that performance.

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As listening platforms and content evolve, radio and audio have taken on a new role in our media consumption.  Over 55% of total audio listening is done on digital and mobile platforms.  We can now listen to anything (music, podcast, talk), anytime, anywhere (mobile phone, smart speaker, car).  The amount of content has exploded across genres, platforms, and subjects.

Audio mediums include:

  • Broadcast Radio
  • Streaming Audio (music, talk, sports, & podcasts)
  • Satellite Radio

The Wahl Team negotiates and places radio buys on a local basis. This approach drives creativity in scheduling, opportunities for bonus commercials and added value, and ensures low rates and cost-efficient buys. Our buyers have long-standing relationships with the most powerful audio companies, giving us the advantage of aggressive rate structures and a deep understanding of effective applications.

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Paid search advertising, also known as search engine marketing (SEM), is designed to help increase visibility of key messages, drive quality traffic to a website, and generate leads or sales. We consider paid search to be our most valuable tool for generating ROI.

Paid Search Engine ads reach customers who are actively searching for your product and ready to buy.  Enabling this critical piece of your media strategy can deliver tangible results to your bottom line both quickly and with little investment in production.  The key to successful paid search campaigns is working with experts who understand the search platforms and know how to develop high performing campaigns.

Search Mediums Include:

  • Google Search
  • Microsoft (Bing) Search

When people have a need, it is our goal to ensure that your ad appears for the right search query, at the right time, with the right message. We’re here to help you decipher the raw data, provide actionable insights and recommendations, and be accountable for a return on your advertising investment.

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Out of Home advertising connects your brand with new and existing customers by placing your message in the community.  This aligns your brand in the hometown landscape whether that is well traveled roads, landmark arenas, airports, or landmarks.  Out of Home technology has improved to make outdoor signage more accessible and timely, making this medium more flexible and nimble.

Out of Home Advertising Includes:

  • Outdoor Billboard & Posters
  • Transit
  • Sports Arena
  • Event & Festival Sponsorship

Understanding the negotiation of out of home advertising requires cross market experience, a firm grasp of prevailing market rates, and history with the major outdoor players.  The Wahl Team has seasoned outdoor buyers familiar with the prime locations in both large cities and small towns.

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Display or “banner” ad placements span local, regional, and national website placements.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning play a huge role in the ability of ad platforms to target display ads to specific audiences to drive conversions and key engagement on your website.

Display Advertising Includes:

  • Programmatic Display with geofencing capabilities
  • Google Display for lead generation
  • Native Display

Our experience and success with this platform and our vendor relationships bring your campaigns precise targeting for productive campaigns.

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Understanding the changes in the print industry and print readership are key to determining the place of print in the media mix.

Print Placements Include:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Direct Mail